Hello World!

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a long time now… starting a blog. I’d always wanted to actually attempt at making videos for YouTube but I felt like I looked so chubby and was way too insecure to even think about it. However one time I did actually record a video on my iPad but as soon as I came to edit it… biggest failure of my life LOL!

Seeing as the recording part didn’t work out for me I decided to begin a blog, what better place to do it than WordPress. I think what enticed me most into writing a blog was to escape the outside world, just for a while at a time… know the feeling huh? This is going to sound so naive but sometimes I think my life is interesting to talk about and I always have so much to ramble on about but the one thing I can go on and on about is my CATS!

I do really hope people are interested in listening to my day-to-day life experiences because I literally have nowhere better to share them ha! Please like this page for the solidarity of ‘There’s A First Time For Everything!’ and I’ll see you all tomorrow for another crazy story!

Have a great day!

~ Chloe ❤